How do I know if MintDefense is activated and working for me?

When you install MintDefense, it will look like the icon on the right. The red dot signals you are logged out.

When you log in to MintDefense, the red dot will disappear. That is the first requirement for a working MintDefense.

To test MintDefense, the easiest way is to visit a trusted site you use regularly and attempt a transaction. For example, go to OpenSea to list one of your NFTs for sale or to 1inch to swap some coins.

MintDefense's loader will show up when you attempt a transaction or signature, letting you know it's checking if what you're about to do is safe.

If you don't see MintDefense's loader when attempting a transaction or signature, it's possible that something is making it malfunction. Please reach out to us on Discord if this happens.

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