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  • Create a bullet-proof Web3 AI-powered security solution that protects users from scam sites that steal crypto and NFTs with a 99.9% success rate.
  • Make it available to one community to assess its quality and improve it.
  • Make it publicly available, protecting all Web3 users.
  • Add transaction simulation/translation.
  • Support all browsers, chains, major wallets, and mobile devices.
  • Improve our 99.9% scam detection rate to 99.99% while maintaining 0.1%~ false positives.
  • Become an essential tool for all Web3 users alongside major wallets.
  • Become the leading source of Web3 security information by creating educational articles, videos, and news.
  • Create a research department to find 0-days and security bugs for DApps, smart contracts, wallets, and chains.